If fashion in the last 10 to 20 years has taught men and women anything, it is that one element of your look should be a little wrong. Otherwise, you have all the warmth and excitement of a piece of cardboard. You’re not real.

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a few days ago, courtney and i had a shopping day with a good friend.

in forever21, i found a romper that actually flatters my body shape* and a black wool fedora, ideal for mid-autumn and through winter.  total: just under 30$.

courtney found a skort romper (in blue/creme), a pair of pumpkin-coloured lace shorts, a pumpkin-coloured pocketed cardigan, and a knit matelassé dress (in green).  total:  just over 70$.

these purchases have proven one thing:  think outside the box!  just because you may not think something will flatter your figure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it on - something could look terrible on a hanger but great on you!

* in other news, calling all pears!  have you never been able to find a romper that flatters your hips?  don’t give up hope!  try to find a jumper cinched higher up, where your actual waist is, rather than most rompers that are cinched closer to the hips; try something like this or this